Meh – a skeptic sighs

by endlesspsych

I’m sick of the hypocrisy. I’m sick of the choosing where, why and how ideologies that should apply to everyone are applied.

I’m sick of people thinking being wronged against is an excuse for doing wrong.

I’m sick of being cast in the role of villain for not agreeing 100% with the action they think should be taken. Despite being in full agreement with them on the issue.

I’m fed up of people mischaracterising what people actually say or think to fit in with whatever crime they think/want them to have committed.

I’m fed up of hypocrisy, intellectual dishonesty and baseless and ignorant assumption.

I’m sick of people betraying and debasing their own principles in the name of defending them.

I’m fed up with how no one who should read this and understand it will bother to.