LLB Reading List request

by endlesspsych

Hello folks does anyone have access to these books or old copies lying around that they could bung my way?

Reading list

Scottish Legal System;

T1: M. White and I.D. Willock, The Scottish Legal System, (4th edition, Tottel Publishing: Edinburgh 2007)
T2: K. Fullerton, Legal Research Skills for Scots lawyers, (2nd edition, Greens: Edinburgh 2007)


Criminal Law;

(Most recent editions)
T1: Gordon, Criminal law (W Green)
T2:Jones & Christie, Criminal law (W Green)
T3: Gane & Stoddart, Casebook on Scottish Criminal law (W Green)


Obligations 1;

T1: Contract law in Scotland (2nd edition) 2007 MacQueen and Thomson
T2: Contract (3rd edition) 2001 Woolman and Lake
T3: Contract Cases and materials (2nd edition) 2003 Huntly, Blackie and Cathcart
T4: The law of Contract in Scotland (3rd edition) 2007 W.W. McBryde
T5: Unlocking Contract law (2nd edition) 2007 Chris Turner


Law of Human Rights;

T1: Ashton C and Finch V: Human Rights and Scots law (2002) W Green
T2: Reed R and Murdoch J: Guide to Human Rights law in Scotland (2007) 3rd ed Tottel
T3: Jowell J and Oliver D: The Changing Constitution (2006) OUP
T4: Fenwick H and Phillipson G: Text, Cases and Materials on Public law and Human Rights (2003)2nd ed. Cavendish
T5: Ewing K and Dale-Risk K: Civil Liberties in Scotland: Cases and Materials (2004) Greens
T6: Avizandum Statutes on Scots Public law (2006) Avizandum


Business Law;

T1: Davidson and MacGregor Commercial law in Scotland; 2nd ed. Greens 2008
T2: Gloag and Henderson Introduction to the law of Scotland 8th ed. Greens 2007
T3: McBryde law of Bankruptcy 3rd ed. Greens 2007
T4: Ashton et al. Understanding Scots law Greens 2007


Family Law,

T1: Avizandum Scots Family law Statutes (Avizandum)
T2: Thomson, Family law in Scotland, (Butterworths)
T3: Sutherland, Child and Family law, (Greens)
T4: Butterworths Scottish Family law Service (loose-leaf), Butterworths


Property Law;

T1: Guthrie: Scottish Property law, 2nd Edition, Tottel, 2005
T2: Gordon: Scottish Land law, 2nd Edition, W Green, 1999


Constitutional and Administrative Law.

T1: Bradley A and Ewing K: Constitutional and Administrative law 2006, 14th ed Longman
T2: Munro J: Public law 2007 2nd ed W Green
T3: Munro C: Studies in Constitutional law 1999 2nd ed Butterworths
T4: Barnett H: Constitutional and Administrative law 2006 5th ed Cavendish
T5: Himsworth C and O’Neill C: Scotland’s Constitution: law and Practice 2005 Butterworths
T6: Avizandum Statutes on Scots Public law 2006 Avizandum

Law of Evidence;

T1: Raitt, ‘The law of Evidence’, 3rd ed., 2001, W Green.
T2: Walker and Walker, ‘The law of Evidence in Scotland’, 2nd ed, 2001, T & T Clark.
T3: Sheldon, ‘Evidence: cases and materials’, 2nd ed, 2002, W Green.
T4: Westlaw & Lexis nexis (online resources).


Company Law;

T1: Grier Company law; 3rd ed. Greens 2009
T2: Gloag and Henderson Introduction to the law of Scotland 8th ed. Greens 2007
T3: Mayson French and Ryan Company law (a new edition each year)
T4: Sealy Cases and Materials in Company law Thomson 8th ed. 2007
T5: Davies Gower and Davies’ Principles of Modern Company law Thomson 8th ed.2008



Legal Profession,

T1: T. Welsh The Scottish Criminal Courts in Action, Bloomsbury Professional
T2: J Macfarlane the New lawyer – How Settlement is Transforming the Practice of law, University of British Columbia Press
T3: W. Ury Getting to Yes: Negotiating an Agreement Without Giving In, Random House Business Books

Dispute Resolution and Ethics;


EU Law;

T1: N. Foster, Foster on EU law, Oxford University Press.
T2: P. Craig, P and G. de Burca, EU law: Text, Cases and Materials, Oxford University Press.
T3:M. Horspool, European Union law, Oxford University Press.
T4: D. Chalmers, C. Hadjiemmanuil, G Monty, and A. Tomkins, European Union law, Cambridge University Press.
T5: P. Mathijsen, A Guide to European Union law, Sweet & Maxwell.
T6: J. Steiner et al, Textbook on EU law, Oxford University Press.


Law of Succession & Trusts,

T1: The Scots law of Succession Hiram, Tottel
T2: Succession”, Macdonald, Greens
T3: Trusts” K. McK.Norrie and E.M.Scobie W.Green


Obligations 2;

(most recent edition)
T1: McManus and Russell, Delict
T2: Thomson, Delictual liability


plus two option modules from a course-specific option pool.