I’m a 28 year old research assistant, living in Auld Reekie who has studied far too much psychology.

I also write for the science and scepticism website The Twenty-First Floor. (Go ahead and gie it a swatch I dare you!)

My main interest is, perhaps unsurprisingly, psychology (particularly decision making, risk and cognitive dissonance with a side serving of autism) with associated interests in pseudoscience, sCAM, evidence based policy and the like. (I can sometimes be found at a variety of science and scepticism based events around Din Eidyn organised by: Edinburgh Sceptics, British Science association and cafe scientifique.)

I’ve, on occasion been refereed to as a huuge geek so some stuff about video games, music, film, books or perhaps even Doctor Who might slip through the net on occassion…

I’ve come to this whole blogging thing, as many folks have, via ye olde badscience forum and badscience blogs. Like most of this merry band of bloggers I’m interested in science communication, unfortunately I also think I can, at times, be quite amusing. Consider this your formal warning. There will be jokes (bad ones) and puns (Richard Whitely grade – which, I am reliably informed is weapons grade punnery…)

Anyway I hope you enjoy.


(Oh a friendly warning grommer and speeling nazis will be shot on sight!)

P.S. “Shut up grammatic oil!” is a phrase used in a Nigeria court room drama I encountered it via Victor Lewis Smiths TV offal. I only wanted to buy a corregated iron shed but…