Lib Dems: in need of a reality check

by endlesspsych

It’s been something of a roller coaster for Liberal Democrat supporters since the general election. Going from the dizzying heights of becoming a party of government in coalition at Westminster (not just the Welsh or Scottish assemblies (it’s a parliament cheers Vince)) to the utter drubbing the electorate handed them last Thursday.

The reaction from Libs has been interesting also. Seemingly only Scottish leader Tavish Scott seems willing to take the blame for the poor results and admit that these were a damning indictment of the Lib Dems joining the Tories in Coalition.

Lib Dems: it matters not what progressive policies you have implemented in government, it matters not that you believe you have softened the nasty party and taken the edge off the Tories.

All the ultimately matters is the electorates perception of you as a political party – the reality is neither here nor there. But it is also worth considering the reality and perhaps, I am afraid to say, the electorate just doesn’t care as much about the same things as Lib Dems as Lib Dems do.

So all your “look, look what we’ve done” jumping up and down might only make you look like a small child begging their parent to watch them do a trick. The parent will watch but won’t give a shit.

If the Lib Dems want to win the electorate back they need to start persuading them that they are doing more harm than good as opposed to telling us that we are wrong for thinking that they betrayed us.

Obviously this is harder and requires more fortitude than playing the victim – but it’s the only way back and if nothing else it’s a damn sight better than blaming Labour for everything that’s gone wrong.