…and your election microscope

by endlesspsych

Have heard a number of things from people who aren’t going to vote SNP of late.

1. I don’t want to be seen as supporting independence

2. I don’t want to be associated with their more knuckle dragging supporters.

Both of these points made with a caveat along the lines of “I like their policies” or similar.

Well folks if you like their policies than vote for them – at least in Holyrood. On point 1. Yes your vote will go to a party that supports having a referendum on independance. That afterall is the official SNP line, even if the party was founded for independence and most of it’s members want independence all the party is committed to is having a referendum for the public to decide. Indeed far from being a single issue party the SNP have, I belive, shown themselves to be a competent and successful (in the main – there are a few things I take exception to) party of Government and Big Eck (strangely) has become quite the statesman. Their centre left policies play well to most Scots and their confidence and supply agreements with the Tories mean they please those on the right who want more bobbies on the beat and the like. As a minority government (which under the Scottish electoral system is all they will likely be) the SNP have performed really quite well over the last few years with only minor hiccups.


It is in fact a vote for perhaps the most competent government Scotland could currently have (in my admitadlty partisan opinion). Realistically the Libs and Tories are out of it, the greens are only fielding constituency candidates (so much for being the only real alternative…)  which leaves Ian Gray led Scottish Labour. Whose manifesto is pretty poor and who are consistantly just utter rubbish. To the extent I am becoming less of a tribal SNP voter and supporter and more of a tribal anti-scottish labour supporter. The b-team of British politics.

Most Lib Dems should probably be voting SNP is they want to see Lib Dem policies enacted in Scotland. Most people who are on the centre left should vote SNP to see centre left policies enacted in Scotland. Perversley and conversley if the SNP were elected as a confidence and supply minority government again there is even more chance of the occassional Tory policy being enacted in exchange for concessions in other areas!

I mean I know I am extremely partisan but seriously – why wouldn’t you vote SNP?

If your answer is INDEPENDENCE – get over it. What you are essentially against in the context of a Holyrood election is the people of Scotland being given the chance to decide on the issue once in a generation. If you think the majority is pro-independence you have a reason not to vote SNP – abeit a perverse one in a democracy…

On the second point: well idiots and knuckle draggers support every party and if you don’t vote for a party whose policies you agree with because someone you don’t like also supports them than you are an idiot. An idiot and a coward.