A Dose Of Our Own Medicine

by endlesspsych

By Keir Liddle

The 10:23 campaign went global this year, with “overdosers” across six continents in 28 countries and 73 cities. Skeptics gathered to consume homeopathic belladonna and other “remedies”. The 10:23 campaign has undoubtedly been successful at pushing homeopathy into the limelight, showing it for the woo it is (not bad for a bunch of folk from Merseyside)– and who knows what it has contributed to an overstretched NHS cancelling funding for magic water? This raises hopes that Glasgow homeopathic hospital may be under threat again.

However, if you stick your head above the parapet, you will attract criticism, and 10:23 has been no different, with homeopaths and others attacking its methods and reasoning. The latest criticism has come from none other than Mike Adams, Health Danger and editor of Natural News.

It’s really quite hilarious to see this unfold: Homeopathy skeptics and vicious Big Pharma attack dogs are running around the globe in ludicrous demonstrations where they consume huge doses of homeopathic remedies in public and then claim that because they don’t die of an “overdose,” these medicines therefore don’t work.

Notice that they never consume their own medicines in large doses? Chemotherapy? Statin drugs? Blood thinners? They wouldn’t dare drink those. In fact, today I’m challenging the homeopathic skeptics and other medical fundamentalists to a “drink-a-thon” test to see which medicines will kill you faster.

Adams’ premise is based upon the idea that skeptics are medical fundamentalists and thus incapable of understanding the implications of a “resonance based” (whatever that may be) medicine. He is essentially moving the goalposts spectacularly by stating, in effect, that if modern medical testing and procedures that are designed to ensure patient safety, and drug efficacy can’t prove homeopathy works, then homeopathy isn’t a drug. He then challenges skeptics to take an overdose of clinically effective drugs, thus missing the point of the “overdose” entirely. It was not to show that homeopathy was unsafe but rather that it was inert: the air guitar of medicine.
It is worth pointing out that the 10:23 overdosers effectively conducted a “mass proving”, although German homeopaths tried to ban the “overdose” by claiming it was a mass medical trial:

Much ado about nothing?
The campaign against homeopathy 10:23 (Essen, 02.04.2011)
The Society for the Scientific Investigation of Para Sciences (GWUP) called on Saturday, 5  February, for people to take an “overdose” of homeopathic medicines. It’s Main aim was “to show that homeopathic remedies are ineffective. ”

The Karl and Veronica Carstens Foundation, points out that homeopathic medicines to the Medicines Act (AMG) are subject. The call to take it collectively, could amount to a clinical trial and therefore be subject to approval.

10:23 wasn’t by any stretch of the imagination a randomised controlled medical trial, although plenty have disproved homeopathy. It is by happy coincidence that 10:23 disproves homeopathy by the homeopathic method of provings as no overdosers suffered symptoms from taking their sugar pills, disproving the law of similars.

There is even evidence that the founder of homeopathy switched sides based on this!