Mike Adams Goes Gaga

by endlesspsych

By Keir Liddle

I know, I know! Many of you will be saying: “Goes? Goes? He went years ago!”, and perhaps, in some ways, you’d be right judging by the Health Danger’s ongoing crusade against evidence based medicine and relentless proselytising on quackery. Yet, in this particular case the Gaga I refer to is Lady Gaga, to whom Adams has taken something of a dislike to.

If you’ve ever wondered about the true mental sickness of the entertainment industry, look no further than Lady Gaga. She rose to fame and has become a teen favorite by pumping out tunes like “Love Game” where she belts out lines such as “Let’s have some fun, this beat is sick, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick.”

Seriously. This is the stuff your teenage kids are piping into their brains through their iPods, by the way.

Adams’ ire is all because she wore a dress made of meat, presumably in an attempt to shock and get press attention, and because she wears contact lenses that make her pupils appear dilated, or “stoned and aroused”, as Adams puts it. He continues:

But it goes far deeper than that. Anyone who would wear a dress made out of red meat is, for starters, mentally ill. But Lady Gaga goes far beyond just mentally ill, reaching to depths of necro-worship that make her appear almost Satanic.

In an upcoming live event, she promises to be surrounded by on-stage corpses. It is being widely reported across the ‘net that she plans to put dead human bodies on stage as part of her “act.”

From this, one might deduce that Mike applies the same level of critical thinking and logic to celebrity doings as he does to his conspiratorial witterings about “big pharma”. That he seems to believe he is able to diagnose Lady Gaga as mentally ill on the basis of an obvious publicity stunt is one thing– but for Adams to go further, and seemingly conflates mentally illness with Satanism and necro-worship. This shows how ill-informed Health Danger is on mental health, and health in general.

What makes this random outburst interesting is the insight it gives into the way Mike deals with views that dissent from his own. His original article attracted something of a backlash from Lady Gaga’s fans, prompting Adams to write:

Lady Gaga’s fans only proved me right. She is a destructive influence on our nation’s youth, and her own fans act out the very same dysfunctional, divergent thought themes that Gaga promotes through her music and contrived persona.

The rest of the article reaches levels of irony one can only wonder at. See the following:

Perhaps most interestingly, the hateful feedback was largely comprised of comments from people who had quite obviously never read the article they claimed to be talking about.

This is the same Mike Adams who misinterprets research and the basics of evidence- based medicine to such an extent that you might be tempted to wonder if he comprehends English, let alone knows how to read a paper. See these blogs by ORAC on the subject.

What makes this strange saga all the more amusing is Mike’s own attempt at starting a pop career, with this wonderful anti-vaxx anthem: