Skeptics on the Fringe: a Summary

by endlesspsych

So the first ever Skeptics on the Fringe (to be renamed the Fringe of Reason from this year) has just passed and it was, I am very, very, very happy to say a success. Our lowest audience for the comedy panel show was 10 and for the evening talks it was 13.

We averaged more than this and our highest attendance was a fire safety threatening 68 (with about 20 people turned away) for Prof. Richard Wiseman (our venue capacity was somwhere between 50 and 60).

Skeptics on the Fringe was born out of my drunken frustration at not being able to get a venue in Edinburgh for August – initially my two compatriots on the EdSkeptics triumuvate were… well skeptical about the whole venture. However I drunkenly emailed Peter Buckley Hill (organiser of the Free Fringe) and it turned out he was very keen for us to do something and gave us a fantastic slot at the Banshee Labyrinth.

Then followed months and months of preperation and the scrounging of speakers – many of whom gave up their time for next to nothing or luckily happened to be in Edinburgh anyway for the festival. Thanks again to all our speakers.

August comprised the maddest, busiest and longest three weeks of my life – one of the most stressful to. But I wouldn’t trade that for anything given the amazing thing we managed to pull off, the fantastic people we met and the achievment of bring science and skepticism to the worlds largest international arts festival.

SOTF will return.