Liddles Second Law

by endlesspsych

Of late I have been a becoming a bit fed up of a particular meme that seems to dog the skeptical community.

It’s a phrase that contains a kernel of truth but not perhaps the one you might expect…

People often in discussions on skeptical blogs or forums or on twitter often say this and it can on occassion boil my piss.

The phrase is “more research needs to be done.”

I would like to propose another of Liddles Laws regarding this.

Liddles First Law is that if you use the phrase “I’m sorry if this does not apply to you” then you shouldn’t have clicked send/reply to all.

and now joining it is Liddles second Law:

When someone says “more research is needed” in casual conversation than this is usually correct – however the research they think needs doing is more often then not done and the research that should be done involves them actually researching what they are talking about.

Or allegations of a lack of research in a subject or field of research with which a person is unfamiliar generally with the phrase “more research is needed” this reflects more the persons own lack of knowledge and that they need to do more research than an actual lack of reasearch.