I used to be a pessimist…

by endlesspsych

and now…

Well, against all the odds despite all inclinations to the opposite, I appear to be an optimist…


Well, again against all the odds, I have been converted from pessimism to optimism by the sceptical/skeptical community.

Someone give the founders of ten23 a medal – as they have engendered so much self belief and goodwill among skeptics that Scotland will have soon four SiTP groups.

Rising from a total of “fuck all”.

Were it not for the idea to protest NHS funding of magic water this might never have happened. Dundee, Aberdeen, St Andrews might never have been about to see their own SiTP. Skeptics on the fringe might never have happened.

I must admit I used to be a cynic. But you lovely, lovely skeptical people have made me a believer.

A believer in human nature, in making a difference, in caring about shit.

We are changing the world in out own small way. One stupid argument at the time.

I love you all – you pretty much saved my life.