The Fringe of Reason: Challenging Power's Powers.

by endlesspsych

By Keir Liddle

With much excitment this week, I obtained a copy of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme 2010. I flicked through it until I came to page 156, where, lo and behold, there we were “At the Fringe of Reason” – Edinburgh Skeptics and guests. Twenty-one days of talks on science, skepticism and the like (see the website for details, or keep visiting here regularly for updates).

Yes, indeed for the whole run of the Fringe Edinburgh Skeptics will be putting on daily talks on subjects ranging from ghosts and psychics to popular science and psychology. We have some big name speakers to announce over the coming weeks – it’s going to be good!

There was one minor indignity (and one major) however: we were placed next to a ghost tour company…

The major indignity?

Well, folks… It appears “psychic” Joe Power will be appearing on the Fringe… Some of you may recall that Joe was the psychic who was roundly debunked by Derren Brown, in his recent TV series “Derren Brown Investigates”.

Joe’s show is billed as “the man who sees dead people” and runs from the 5th to the 30th of August at the Assembly rooms.  He claims that the show will prove that there is “life after death”.

We at Edinburgh Skeptics believe passionately that extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence, and as such would like to challenge Mr Power to prove his psychic abilities under controlled conditions as part of the Fringe of Reason.

Our show is at 18.00 so it doesn’t clash with Joes at 16.00, and he might even be able to claim the ASKE prize (or perhaps take the JREF challenge also)…

What do you say Joe? Want to put our money where your “powers” are?