You are important

by endlesspsych


Hello you.

I have an important message, an important ideological point to impart.

It’s counterintuitive logically and it’s something that goes against everything you might think politically and socially: against the culture of apathty that I was until very recently signed up to wholesale.

The idea that one person can make a difference.

I write to tell you, that despite everything you can and you will make a difference.

I used to think that one person couldn’t have any large impact on anyone else, used to buy into the myth that one person could not make a difference.

But in a fit of optimism and realism I am writing to tell you that you can.

This probably isn’t a very well-written or very well thought out message. It’s tainted (in so much as that loaded term implies) by ideolody and by, more importantly, hope.

But I’ve discovered that one person can make a difference.

You can become a conduit (however unwilling or however unexpectedly) for a movement for an ideal. You can enable others to feel the same as you, to act on the same issues and to care.

You can make people care, make people take action.

You can be a pawn of circumstance but shape circumstance towards a circumstance you want.

You can make a difference.

If you arent then I have to ask: what’s your excuse for not?