It’s all in you head…

by endlesspsych

Here is another rant for you all.

This time on people who choose to ell folk that mental illnesses or other mental health issues are “all in their head”. Now if they mean this to convey that they reject immature notions of dualism (the bad sixth form poetry of philosophy) and that mental illnesses must ultimatly have a physical cause of some sort given that they do arise from that meat organ stuffed into our skulls: the brain. Than fair enough.

But really what they seem to mean by “all in you head” is that mental health problems are somehow not real. Because no one can wave an identifiable physical cause or difference in front of them to show what has caused a mental health problem they assume that it cannot exist.

By doing so these ignorant twats must also be invoking some f0rm of naive (probably ill thought out and unintentional) dualism. As if they are using “it’s all in you head” as a means of denying a mental health issues is not a valid or very real concern than they must be denying that something has gone wrong with the brain or how the brain interacts with the enviroment.

These people need to grow up, abandon their prejudices and accept that people with mental health issues aren’t deluded or malingerers.

Either that or just fuck off and die.