Bad Argument of the Week III

by endlesspsych

By Keir Liddle

Yes, yes! I know it’s late. Excuses varied, from “I have a thesis to write” to “I always knew making it weekly was a bad idea!” -unfortunately, excuses don’t get these things written.
So, in the absence of anyone else putting forward a candidate for bad argument of the week, I would like to nominate Glenn Beck. Why? Well if you missed this week’s Daily Show, a very, very good takedown of Glenn Beck’s insanity is given by Jon Stewart…

It’s hard to select one particular  “bad argument” of Beck’s– the list ranges from accusing Obama of being racist towards whites (paraphrasing the ol’ bigot’s chestnut that “whites are the most discriminated against race” and that “it’s political correctness gone mad”), to claiming that any church leaders who mention “social justice” are Nazis or communists, to merely shouting down anyone who disagrees with him rather than make any counter-argument– but as the self-appointed Mad Hatter of the conservative Tea Party  movement,  he probably deserves to win this award week in and week out until the end of time.

In the unlikely event that Glenn Beck wants a prize, I will offer to purchase him copies of Mein Kampf and Marx & Engels’ Communist Manifesto so he can gain an inkling into the political concepts he abuses and misunderstands so spectacularly. And perhaps a box of man-size tissues in preparation for his next on-air crying bout.