One from the archives: Important safety tip.

by endlesspsych

If you ever encounter someone using ye olde right wing rhetoric of the lefty liberal press silencing folks bear the following in mind…

Ciruclation figures for the main British newspapers.

British right wing/centre right/conservative newspapers:- Daily Telegraph 871,598, Daily Express 761,637, Daily Mail 2,353,807, the sun 3,121,000, the times 618,160, Sunday times 1,202,235, News of the world 3,445,459, Scotsman 53,513.

Total right of centre:- 12,427,409

British centre-left/left wing/liberal/socialist etc papers:- Guardian 351,031, Independent 243,398, Observer 454,374, Daily Mirror (apparently labour) 1,443,413, Morning star between 13,000 and 14,000*, Herald 65,800, Socialist worker 1,200.

Total left of centre:- 2,573,216

Ratio of Readers of right wing press to left wing press:- 4.83 (to 2d.p.)

*Used highest figures in cases of all estimates.

(I have circulation figures for the major American papers but no idea what their political allegiences are. Also ratings for major networks are avalible but again no editorial slant info seems to be avaliable.)