McCarthy Madness

by endlesspsych

Jenny McCarthy is one of the leading lights of Americas anti-vaccination movement (vocal to the extent that some sceptical wag has created this  and her most recent pronouncement relates to the discrediting of the paper that many blame for launching the MMR “controversy” (Or more accurately the Medias MMR hoax).

McCarthy and her partner Jim Carey released a statement last week  which basically trumpets typical anti-vax big pharma conspiracy theories (although there is no mention of chem. trails or RFID microchips being hidden in every vaccine).

It is apparently Jenny and Jims sincere belief that “Dr Wakefield and the parents of children with Autism are being subjected to a remarkable media campaign engineered by vaccine manufactures” which is a statement so at odds with reality (just look at the amount of media attention the MMR vaccine has received with an anti-vax bent) you wonder how such cognitive dissonance is maintained without the brain of the believer melting and molten grey matter dripping out of their ears, nose and mouth (DISCLAIMER: Probably impossible and also probably the incorrect use of “molten”).

The description of the GMC as a “kangaroo court” and the accusations that the GMC was staffed by big pharma shills would be laughable if so many people didn’t believe such nonsense.  Also as a minor grumble (from a passionate jock) I am somewhat unlikely to trust the opinion of someone as accurate and informed if they can’t tell the difference between England and Britain…

Jim and Jenny accuse the newspapers of rampant misreporting and I am actually inclined to believe them – but I find it odd that they would want to draw attention to such misreporting given that all the misreporting actually supports there, frankly dangerous and batty, anti vaccination ideas.

To describe Dr. Wakefield as one of the world’s most respected and well known gastroenterologists seems at least a little fanciful. Given that the work he is best known from has been widely and entirely correctly discredited and his unethical use of invasive surgical procedures on children in the name of research rightly condemned.

Jim and Jenny also state that parents in their community have been clamouring for a relatively simple scientific study that will “settle the debate” over the role of vaccines in the “autism epidemic”… Well asides from doubts that such a thing as the “autism epidemic” exists there is actually a lot of science out there that does indeed “settle the debate”.

Unfortunately for Jim and Jenny and the rest of the Anti-vax loons it settles it in such a way that shows their loony anti-vax ideology for what it is.

Flawed and dangerous.