Acceptance Speech

by endlesspsych

Well it has come to pass that I am Scottish Roundup’s Science blog of the year!

Thanks to everyone who voted.

It’s nice that a wee blog I started but eight or so months back could grow enough to attract at first the nomination and then the eventual glorious victory.

I’d like to thank the genes in my family, inherited from my anscestors, that made my spermatazoa’s flagella faster then all the other “fuckers” and allowed my sperm to reach the egg first.

I’d like to thank the non existant sky fairy for everything that it’s not done and never will. By virtue of it’s non-existance I feel that it’s played no part in my victory.

I’d also like to thank all the woosters, huxters, conmen and snake oil sales folk who made this blog possible. I’d like to thank them but frankly they are all either utterly nuts or just really really unpleasent people. So I’m not thanking them.

I’d like to thank my fellow nominees:

The Prickly side of life:

Who doesn’t appear to blog about science all that much and I’m not sure but appears to be a climate change denialist… Weird that’s in the science category?

Bigmouth Strikes again:

An excellently named blog and good on tech stuff.

John Connell: The blog:

Second placed and an interesting blog about education policy and research. May well become a regular haunt (given I’ll be working in that area of research for my dissertation).

Bishop Hill:

This blog has a link to it to a book called “The Hockey Stick illusion”. Not in an ironic way. Can a climate denialist blog really be the second best Scottish science blog?

Having seen that two out of the five blogs appear to take an denialist stance on AGW I’m pretty damn glad I won now.

It almost makes fighting anti-vaxxers, homeopaths and other woosters worthwhile!


I’m close to tears…

So yeah cheers guys!

As you may be aware the future of this blog is in the balance… A poll may follow asking for your opinions.

Favourite option could be to use this blog for more detailed follow up of articles on the twenty-first floor?

Thoughts welcome.

Thanks again.

P.S. Fuck it – I will keep this on – if 0nly to fight anti-science and denialism that appears to be inherent in the Scottish blogosphere. For shame Scottish Bloggers for shame.