Woo-icide Is Painless: Edinburgh 1023

by endlesspsych

By Keir Liddle

Above you can see Edinburgh Skeptics 1023 event and their intrepid swallowers. The event attracted 42 people from the Edinburgh Skeptics, Edinburgh Humanists and beyond.

We met at the Ross bandstand at 9.30 with the early morning cold assailing us we distributed t-shirts and homeopathic remedies to the assembled throng of rationalists and free thinkers. We then marched up in drips and drabs to Boots on Princes Street and commenced the highly technical process of ‘milling about’ or for those of us who were less proficient in the art of ‘milling about’ ‘hanging around’ was offered as an alternative. Cunningly those of us who managed to master the art of ‘hanging around’ did so by sitting in bus shelters as if waiting for buses. It would later transpire that only Edinburgh really went for the whole “flashmob” style event – removing our outer clothing on cue to reveal our stylish 1023 t-shirts and downing our homeopathy on the battle cry of “Homeopathy: there’s nothing in it!”.

Thus the thin white line of rationality did “overdose” on homeopathy and I am happy to report that no one died, no one had to attend casualty and indeed no one even felt “just a little bit squiffy”. In short we overdosed on over 2000 pills collectively and no one was harmed.

After the “overdose” we retreated to the Newsrooms (Edinburgh Skeptics basecamp) and Stuart Ritchie (former president of the Edinburgh University Humanists) gave us a talk on homeopathy which sparked off a lively conversation and although he missed our overdose comedian Robin Ince (see his take on creationism here) turned up for a chat with our brave swallowers and followers.

If you are wondering what on Earth I am doing with that straw and glass over on the far left… I was making homeopathic whisky using the straw as a makeshift pipette. I managed to get a solution of 10C Famous Grouse on the go before repetitive strain injury kicked in and I had to stop.

As far as we are aware none of our skeptical number have been cured of alcholism after imbibing my distinctly Scottish homeopathic remed or have they found themselves immune to the dreaded hangover after saturdays post “overdose” shenanigans. Which just goes to show that homeopathy really is the air guitar of medicine.

Edinburgh Skeptics are plotting a few more follow up 1023 events which if they come to fruition I will post the details of here on the forum (and no doubt blog about it later).

Below you can see Edinburgh Skeptics video of the event: