Fun for skeptics and believers alike!

by endlesspsych

There has been some hoohaw over on natural news courtesy of everyone’s favourite healthranger (note that r is but a short keypress away from d…)  Mike Adams (who I have blogged about before here). It seems the twitter based shorty awards disqualification (more here and here and here) and the 1023 campaign may have broken his fragile little naturopath mind.  His ranting here is impressive – it’s scary though to see how quickly not getting ones own way translates into vast and mysterious conspiracies though… How do these peoples minds work? I don’t mean in a general why do they think what they think but literally how does one persons brain cope with so much nonsense and cognitive dissonance?

My mind boggles just trying to conceive it!

Anyway you can see on natural news Mike “Healthdanger” Adams ranting and raving about what skeptics supposedly believe (You can see fiskings of this here and here and here.) and finally posting this article in which he claimed to get lots of support from “holistic thinkers” (whatever that means – sounds a bit culty to me!) along side condemnation from the Skeptical community. Which asides from the following quote

They’re tired of being insulted and demeaned by the skeptics who have for years gotten away with blasting holistic thinkers without receiving much criticism themselves. So we turned the tables on the skeptics and showed the world how crazy some of their beliefs are. It is absolutely true that the most ardent skeptics believe they have no consciousness, no soul, no free will and not even a mind. People thought I made this up, but I didn’t. It’s one of the core beliefs among classic “skeptics” (they will even tell you this themselves).

Also drags the name of Richard Feynman into the dirt – apparently he was unusually open-minded for a scientist…

One can only assume that Mike Adams is using that definition of open-minded beloved of the alternative medicine crowd.

He who insists on disagreeing with me because all the scientific evidence says I am wrong is close minded!

When in reality Mike Adams and his sCAM cronies are about as open-minded as those who refused to look through Galileo’s telescope and see the truth for themselves.

There is really no need for me to go over and explain open-mindedness to you all but hey any excuse to post one of Qualia-Soups excellent videos!

Basically if you have an open mind you have to be open to evidence that might cause you to challenge or refute your beliefs. Going by that definition I have created a “cut out and keep” flowchart for skeptics and believers to discover if they are open or closed-minded.


EDIT: Please note that the use of “IS” in the second question is not meant to imply the actual existance of evidence merely to ask if you can concieve of evidence that would refute your position.

Are you open minded or close minded? Flow chart

Are you open minded or close minded?