AD hom and on and on and on… AD HOM!

by endlesspsych

Despite what some folks may think I am not a Nazi and I am a skeptic!

The 1023 campaign is not about restricting freedom of choice, it is not about banning homeopathy rather it is about raising awareness of the scientific evidence that shows homeopathy doesn’t work.

Now I’m very sorry if hearing the scientific fact that “Homeopathy doesn’t work”  causes you some discomfort or upset and you are of course allowed to reject the massive weight of empirical and scientific evidence that suggests there is nothing in homeopathy. You can ignore the laws of the universe as discovered by physicists and chemists that state the memory of water is impossible and that you would need to drink the oceans dry to find an active ingredient in your homeopathic remedy.

Such is your right to freedom of belief.

You can ignore the science and you can ignore the evidence based medicine all you want.

What you don’t have the right to do is engage is baseless ad hominem attacks on those who disagree with you.

The 1023 campaigns aims can be found on their site and the following is taken from their FAQ’s.

3. What about freedom of choice? Isn’t this campaign really illiberal?

Any patient choice must be an informed choice, otherwise it is no choice at all. The best scientific data says that homeopathy does not work and patients must be made aware of this before they choose homeopathy.

Additionally, this campaign does not seek an outright ban on homeopathy. We are simply asking for the high street pharmacist Boots to stop lending legitimacy to this unproven “treatment”. The simple act of Boots stocking homeopathy in their pharmacies implicitly suggests to patients that homeopathy works. Even Boots admits they have sought evidence to support homeopathy and found none.

Homeopathic products remain readily available from health food shops, the Internet and direct from homeopaths, if people wish to use them.

Hardly the actions of some fascist group hell-bent on the destruction of homeopathy now is it?

The 1023 campaigners are not Nazis, indeed homeopaths should be siding with the campaign on one issue: Getting over the counter remedies taken off the shelves.

Why? Well because of the principle of individualization. The following defintion is taken from the European committee for homeopathy site:

Homeopathic medicines must be customized to match the individual with that disease, a process that is called ‘individualisation’. The very same disease in another patient will most often be cured with an entirely different medicine. Thus we could have two different medicines that cure two different patients with identical conventional diagnoses.

For a homeopathic remedy to work, to treat the whole person holistically as intended, the remedy must be bespoke to an individual an over the counter “one size fits all” cure shouldn’t work under the principles of homeopathy. In short Boots selling such remedies without any attempt to individualise the treatment to their customers should be anathema to the homeopathic community.

That this doesn’t appear to be… well it’s interesting to say the least…

Also I’m pretty damn feed up of being called close minded or being accused of being a cynic rather than a skeptic. Again I apologise that there is no scientific evidence to support your assertions that homeopathy works and again I apologise if this causes you some degree of upset or discomfort. That does not make it ok to start flinging insults about because someone who has looked at the evidence and explored the issue has found that homeopathys claims are untenable, unbelievable and ultimately nonsensical given what we know about the natural world.

You could perhaps make the claim that you can’t measure the effect of homeopathy in a materialistic sense – well again fair enough. But then the homeopaths would have to stop doing just that. I’d also be a bit concerned if you claimed health wasn’t a materialistic concern…

What is the word for someone who refuses to look at the evidence or engage with someone who disagrees with them? You’d be correct in labelling such a person close minded and a poor skeptic.

The problem is it’s not the skeptics who are actually closed-minded. I’m sorry to say that it’s the supporters of homeopathy who refuse to produce evidence to back up their assertions and blindly maintain their faith in this 200 year old woo treatment when all the evidence points to the contrary.

Rather then name calling an mudslinging I invite you to produce evidence for homeopathy working rather than assertions that it does and flinging mindless insults that do nothing to further the discussion then highlighting your own ignorance.

Anyway if you want to continue to name call and fling insults feel free. Just don’t expect anyone with an ounce of sense to dignify your ignorance, close mindedness and insults with anything more than reference to the case of Arkell v. Pressdram.