Dana and me

by endlesspsych

I’m a patient man in most respects. I am also very much aware that when declaring myself as a skeptic there are certain people who may be uncomfortable answering questions I may ask.

Perhaps they fear being caught out in some sketi-trap of my malicious creation?

Certainly my last post, again inspired by the 1023 campaign, has attracted one drive by comment from the homeopathic community and no more. (Perhaps just having one comment means that from a homeopathic perspective the debate is settled?)

However when you ask a question of a well known member of the homeopathic community, some might say leading, who runs a homeopathic educational organisation no less. That they would have a vested interest in politely answering your queries in the name of public enagement?

Well not @homeopathicdana it seems… I have had the following exchange via Twitter with him (in full fairness Twitter might not be the best medium to impart such info but that doesn’t excuse the supercillious attitude!):

@HomeopathicDana this link has my questions about homeopathy: http://j.mp/8PAiTU If you have time to look at that and answer cheers.

Which I thought was a fairly reasonable request.

@endless_psych Heck, you haven’t even tried to understand homeopathy (or tired lamely) & you’ve ignored basic sciences research…whoops.

Well… I was asking for info on the basic science… If Dana treats all enquiries like this then quite why he heads up a homeopathic educational service is beyond me!

@endless_psych Do you even know what type of water homeopathic manufacturers use? Do u? Tell me…

No, again that would he why I was asking the man described variously as “homeopathy’s foremost spokesman” and a “leading proselytizer of homeopathy”…

Not least that the whole point of me asking the question was for him to tell me! However I did a little research and discovered that the water used was distilled (or so I thought)…

@endless_psych Nope…it is double-distilled…and out go any “memories” — why do skeptics try to over-simplify. That’s bad science.

Woah! Trying to oversimplify is bad science! Someone hasn’t hears of Occams Razor! However I persisted with the following question:

@HomeopathicDana what about the distillation process flushes out the memories?

And recieved the following reply:

@endless_psych Do you mean that you don’t even know about the DBPC research that shows that high heat to meds erases its biological effect?

Well I didn’t. I mean should I? Is this some common knowledge that everyone in the world apart from my shares?

However I do wonder now what erasing the biological effect of a drug with high heat has to do with the “voids” that supposedly carry the homeopathic energy signal (or whatever it is – no one has yet answered that either). By what mechanism do the voids dissapate or dissapear?

I did ask and got the following reply:

@endless_psych My point is…it seems that you are not even familiar with basic sciences research testing homeopathics. Whooops.

I’m not sure what the whoops is suppossed to indicate. Is it not acceptable to know something when you ask a question? Dana Ullman should perhaps look up public engagement. Indeed he appears to have missed the entire point of my questions.


If you are prominent proponent of a particular product or process then surely you should expect people to ask questions about it?
Furthermore when they do if you have confidence and faith (or better still evidence in) in your product or processes then you should good naturedly deal with queries surely?
Not assume the worst and tell people off for asking the questions in the first place!

(In fairness perhaps the CRU email thing shows that scientists aren’t always whiter then White in this regard either…)

The further down the rabbit hole we go I suspect the more replies will come telling me that the skeptics are doing bad science…

Without even the slightest hint of irony.


(If anymore tweets come in I’ll update the above)

EDIT: new response

@endless_psych Sorry, I cannot hold your hand. Why do u choose to be deaf, dumb, & blind? See my huffingtonpost articles. Jeez…

Sorry… Why are you promoting yourself as some sort of expert or educator in homaopathy if you can’t be arses educating people about homeopathy…

What a rude man. Thanks Dana