Whats the beef Baldrick?

by endlesspsych

Just to clarify this I suppose counts as live blogging. Spent so much time writing it couldn’t be arsed junking it!

mean really? One of the great comic actors of his generation from first seeing him as the Sherrif of Nottigham and then later in Blackadder he’s been tickling my funny bone. Now however Baldrick has irked me somewhat.


Well I’ve no problem with Time Team or the excellent Catastrophe but Robinsons later woo-tastic work is pretty god awful.

Tonight he is appearing in “Decoded: Dan Browns lost symbol” seemingly an excuse for a junket to Washington DC to have people tell him that, suprise, suprise it’s all bollocks.

One highlight thus far is that if you draw a star of David on dollars in a certain way then the corners spell out the word “MASON”.


In fairness I haven’t seen the program all the way through and I’ve just checked the programs listing on 4OD. Thankfully it doesn’t claim that it is a science documentary and just a documentary.

It strikes me, to quote a bloke from the program:
“Nonsense in great flashing lights… …A Trainload of fantasy with a thimble full of fact”

We have just moved on to Noetic science – which is probably bollocks. Well almost definatly bollocks. Particularly given parapsychology has pretty much spectaculary failed to show that any kind of PSI exists.

Hmmmm also appears to be something about random number generators – surely not global conciousness nonsense!

Oh… There’s a demonstration of the Ganzfeld test going on in the background…

Gah, can’t really be bothered devoting much more time to moaning about what is essentially a puff piece to promote a paperback…

But really Baldrick please stop doing any old shite that channel four ask you too…

Oh and yes global conciousness nonsense appears to have popped up finally – but that’s a blog for another day!

At least the conclusion is that most of his book is bollocks. Perhaps it isn’t as rant worthy as I thought it was… But then again it is really just an extended advert for the book…

A cynical ratings grab cash in by channel four? Probably.

Actually Baldrick redeemed himself in the denoument. I take my hat of to you sir. Slagging Dan Brown off as a lazy writer is probably the only verifiable fact in the while thing!