I just accidentially the FOI!

by endlesspsych

To follow on from “expect lies when dealing with swine flu protests“:

Thanks to the lovely FOI officer at Lothian and Borders police I have in my possession official figures for the Swine Flu protest that took place in Edinburgh on Saturday the 12th of December. I must confess  I didn’t know I was making a FOI request – so I’ve kinda accidentally lost my FOI virginity here… Kinda hoped I’d lose it on trying to get some juicier more wanton information but I suppose this will have to do…

Freedom of Information Request – Swine Flu protest

I refer to your email dated 13th December 2009, regarding the above and which has been dealt with under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.

I contacted the Bronze Commander for this event, who confirmed that of the 150 expected, only 25 people came. The police preliminary response was an Inspector, a Sergeant, 6 Constables and 3 from the motorcycle section given the numbers expected.

On the plus side I now know that the police have some damn fine rank names – Bronze commander – yaldy! It’s also nice, if a little odd to be celebrating the fact I agree with the polis, that the official side of events matches my view.

I’m not sure it’s  worth the hassle myself but if anyone wants to I am fairly sure they could file a complaint with the PCC under clause 1 i) of the Editors’ Code of Practice: accuracy.

The link is there if anyone else fancies it… (Do let me know if you do – I probably would but I suspect I may be milking this thing far too much as it is!)

I have to say I think that they police must have, rather unfairly perhaps but understandably, not counted the children involved in the protest.

Anyway I think that’s enough on the anti-vax protest for now.

Save to say that if I am ever given spurious figures by an anti-vaccination protestor I will be sure to divide them by around four.