Brian Gerrish: Child stealing by the state

by endlesspsych

Ok back to the grindstone, the albatross around me neck that is my commitment to blogging about the AV3 conference. Brian Gerish claims the following:

Uncovering a conspiracy between public authorities, Social Services, the Police, courts and Government to unlawfully take children from their parents, and pass them into a frightening and often abusive Social Services system. This system is so powerful that local councillors cannot challenge their own Social Services departments about their actions.

Ok we can take for granted that the conspiracy between public authorities, social services and the police, courts and government is a nonsense for a start. For one thing covering up a conspiracy on such a massive scale would be nigh on impossible. For an example of an incident which wasn’t covered up but social services probably wish was is the Satanic panic up in Orkney in the 1990’s. Which far from being swept under the carpet stands as a lesson today of the dangers of fads within social work. Also typical conspiracy theorist lack of logic applies here:-

In Britain today, a secret court system is stealing and trafficking people’s children. The author Jack Frost summed it up in his book “Gulag of the Family Courts”. Other journalists have described it as – “Child Stealing by the State”.

The press are reporting on a secret conspiracy? Well it’s not all that secret is it then, that and in most cases I’ve seen, what the press are really doing is pushing a right-wing anti-state interventionist position, under the guise of family preservation, above that of the needs of a child.

In my experience researching child protection division between stakeholders (health workers, social workers and police) are driven by different institutional values and needs. There is plenty of talk of things like synergy and services working together but in reality I think the system can often seem more like three very separate groups with very separate ideas of what is important in child protection. For instance the police might be concerned with arresting and detaining an abuser whereas healthcare staff may be more concerned with maintaining confidentiality.

Child protection is a highly sensitive and emotive are and different practitioners have different approaches to it. I cover some issues associated with this in my previous blog: Panorama: the child protectors.

Most distressing of all was that the courts had taken absolutely no notice of the child’s own wishes – there existed a brutal conspiracy between public authorities, Social Services, the Police, courts and Government. That conspiracy still exists, and so does the evidence.

This is perhaps not suprising given that it is well-known that abused children will generally withdraw testimony if they fear their family unit is under threat. It is also perhaps not suprising as in many cases children have been repeatedly threatened that bad things will happen to them if they tell, or told by their abusers that they are at fault.

That is not to say that the outcomes for people in care are rosy and everything is fantastic. Far from it, the outcomes for children taken into care are generally quite poor in terms of education, health and tendency to commit criminal offences in later life. Although this doesn’t apply to all children it is a concern. However it is not a concern that is met by labelling the Social Services as child snatchers who are part of some vast nefarious conspiracy that also involves, for reasons perhaps best left to be understood by Brian Gerish, stopping people building wooden boats…

An ex-Naval officer, Brian Gerrish discovered Common Purpose when he was involved with a group in Plymouth in the west of England helping people find jobs; one of their projects was restoring wooden boats. They had lots of public support, and seemingly backing from the local authorities. Everything was going fine. But then it suddenly changed, and the council’s support was withdrawn. When Brian and his associates tried to continue alone, within a short time key people were being threatened.

Brian noted: “When we started to explore why we were being threatened, we were absolutely staggered to find a very strange organisation called Common Purpose operating in the city. And we were absolutely amazed that there were so many people involved but they were not declaring themselves. They were operating throughout the structure of the city, in the city council, in the government offices, in the police, in the judiciary. Essentially, we discovered what is, effectively, at best a quasi secret society which doesn’t declare itself to ordinary people.”

Now as a psychologist, even though I work in research on decision making and not clinical things, I should state that in no way should the following be considered in any way shape or form a clinical diagnosis or professional opinion on Mr Gerrishs mental health. It is purely my opinion as a layman.

But is it just me or does that sound just a little bit batshit crazy?

It’s also worth noting that common purpose appear to have a website but far from being some secret shady cabal operating at the bequest of the NWO it appears to be some sort of management training organisation that happens to be based in Plymouth.