While the net is all a Twitter…

by endlesspsych

If there has been one definite outcome of the Jan Moir Daily Hate affair then it’s that the denizins of Twitter are all a tweet about how influencial the medium is. You could be forgiven for thinking that some amazing new force for good had been discovered in the last few days, one which had hitherto been untapped.

However the use of mass communication to aid political protest has a history that goes back even further then the cracking of the liberty bell… From ringing bells to pamphlets and graffiti political protest has found it’s voice through ever changing mediums. The Internet providing the latest, and the largest yet, soapbox.

Indeed Twitter is not even the first time the Internet has been used in such a way. It wasn’t so long ago the press were confounded by the emergence of a new kind of protest group that managed to orchestrate worldwide protests without actually being a group and in actuality being more like an Internet meme…
Anonymous, up to this point more known for engaging in such lulztastic activties as raiding Habbo hotel and posting on 4Chan, took on the “Church” of Scientology (everyones favourite pseudo-religion pyramid scheme…) and organized protests in 93 cities spread across 14 countries. Whether this achieved much tangible good is debatable but it opened many peoples eyes to how the internet could be used to organize, mobilize and aggitate.

Yet even anonymous were not the first to recognize the use of the Internet as a tool for organisation and mobilization. You have to go a fair not back to find one of the first instanaces of a computerized network being used for such a purpose (to, believe it or not a pre internet age). In fact you have to go back to the Wildcat strikes called in France in 1968. When students made use of new communications technology to great effect.

However, despite the advantages of scale offered by the internet we should remember that sometimes all you really need to do is nail a note to a church door…

It’s not the singer that’s important after all it’s the song… (Or at least we shouldn’t really be all that amazed at the microphone…)