Political correctness – the new urban mythology?

by endlesspsych

“Its political correctness gone mad” practically the modern equivalent of “I’m not a racist but…” (In terms of its use rather then its sentiment I stress to add – although in some cases the two are not entirely divorced.)

A battle cry used to bemoan the passing of age old values (notably British and Christian in origin) or a perceived increasing interference in our constitutional affairs from Brussels. As if the EU represents some sort of illuminati level semi-global conspiracy to eliminate black boards and black sheep.

It’s a rallying call against a world in which you have to sing “baa baa woolly sheep” and you have to celebrate “Winterval” instead of Christmas. Dear Lord what is the world coming to? Except, much like statistics, I suspect (and in some cases have proof) that 99.9% of political correctness gone mad stories are 100% made up on the spot. The so called “war on Xmas” being a particular favourite for news starved journalists in the festive seasons. The perfume and razor ads have barely started and the first tales of Birmingham city council (which gets quite a raw deal from the P.C. fantasists) have banned Xmas deciding instead to force a multi-faith sanitised Winterval festival on the God fearing consumers… er Christians of Britain. Either that or some monstrous bureaucratic council has refused to allow its staff to hang Xmas decorations due to mysterious and all encompassing health and safety laws… Winterval for a start was an initiative involving Birmingham businesses and the council it had absolutely nothing to do with Birmingham’s Christmas festivities. Which still to this day is known as “Christmas” despite tabloid and conservative press protestations to the contrary. Councils not allowing staff to hang decorations because of health and safety regulations? Also bollocks.

You will note one of the key features of the new political correctness myths is to be somewhat vague where details are concerned. A council, sometimes a region is provided but not a department, building or anything potentially identifiable you will note. This vagueness should raise suspicions surely? If indeed the story is as shocking and maddening as we are led to believe then someone should be held to account. Someone should have to answer the ire of the Great British public – issue a statement – hold a press conference – something! Except they don’t probably because the story is an utter fabrication again. The European Union is another common source of such lies and deceit. They produce the very specific form of political correctness gone mad that claims to expose the biggest dictatorial threat to our Island life since Hitler first wore jackboots – the EU directive… They want to straighten our bananas (EU law and British laws regarding bananas are identical and indeed have been since before Britain was part of the EU…) put hard hats on our tightrope walkers (except they don’t actually give a toss unless they are on a building site) and put meat in our sausages! (Actually although that might make some semblance of sense British producers of Sawdust and offal can sleep safe in the knowledge the EU doesn’t care that much about this as long as the sawdust content is labelled in percentage terms. I reckon political correctness myths have practically replaced Urban Myths. I mean when was the last time someone told you they saw a Robin reliant with a jet engine take over a Jag? Or the last time someone told you about their friend of a friend’s second cousin twice removed who had spider’s eggs in her brain? I recall no such tales, or indeed those of a similar variety, since the political correctness gone mad bandwagon started rolling. I mean seriously why do people, including myself at times I will admit, fall for this bullshit? Why do we wholeheartedly embrace these new Urban Myths as bona fide fact?

A more worrying side effect of the political correctness gone mad phenomenon is that the phrase is frequently used to profess ideas that border on sectarianism and racism. I don’t think its any coincidence that many of these stories involve multicultural British life encroaching on traditional British and Christian values. It doesn’t surprise me, although it does make me a little queasy, that a lot of the recent political correctness gone mad stories involve protecting Christian values and Christians whilst denigrating other faiths. What’s more those from other faiths buy into this new covert racism and join in the stampeded to apportion blame, not to their own communities thankfully, but those Herbert’s on the council who are attacking Xmas and the Christian “Majority” (sic) supposedly to appease their culture. The whole thing leaves an unpleasant taste in my mouth. Truth be told it worries me that the population of our island is willing to allow casual racism and prejudice to continue unabated in the name of moaning about non existent petty bureaucracy. I’ve always found it pretty repugnant when a majority complains about “concessions” to a minority or the threat a minority poses… But what do I know. I’ve probably gone mad through being too politically correct.