What does the internet think about sCAM?

by endlesspsych

What does the internet think? is a nifty little search engine that searches for how many times a subject is mentioned in a positive/negative/ambivalent way. I came across it thanks to a post by Miss_SB dealing with the Internets opinion of political parties.

So obviously I decided it might be a ‘lark’ to see what the Internet makes of our favourite Complimentary and alternative method techniques and of course use the results as an easy way of filling my commitment to make regular blog posts…

So without further ado here are the results.

(DISCLAIMER:- I make no claims about the veracity of the following figures as I’m not sure how the sites actually works also I’ve only picked a few examples of sCAM here, add some in the comments if you wish.)

Acupuncture:- 93.5% Positive

Aromatherapy: – 100% Positive (101 negative versus… well a lotta lotta positive)

Crystal Healing:-  99.6% Positive

Homeopathy:- 85% Positive

Given the current BCA versus Simon Singh libel debacle (which you can read all about on jack of kents excellent blog) there might seem to be a glaring omission from that list… Fear not in the spirit of mischievousness I thought I’d pit what the Internet says about chiropractic with what it says about Simon Singh…

Chiropractic:-100% Positive! (Blimey!, although this could be a rounding issue as there appear to be 349 odd negative results)

Simon Singh:-100% Positive

Well that’s… interesting… and of course wonderfully inconclusive! (Amusing aside – the Internet is 100% negative on the topic of Simon Sign.)

To go further down the random internet site rabbit hole we could have a look at googlefights take on the matter:- Chiropractic versus Simon Singh (1101000 more results for chiropractic…)

While I don’t think that these sites really provides a robust and reliable means of measuring public opinion on teh internetz but if they even approach being an indicator of public opinion…

Well it’s a worry to say the least.

Science and sceptic bloggers unite! More google juice is clearly needed!