Hello World

by endlesspsych

Well lookey maw I done got me a blog!

How often I update this we shall see but for now there’s a post to come and a lot of good intentions.¬† The focus may turn out to be science and pseudoscience perhaps music and video games. Maybe even books, films and comics. There’s a good chance I’ll start bleating on about evidence based policy and politics at some point. Either quite sensibly, calmly and properly referenced or with a manic nationalist glint in my eyes whilst singing the Proclaimers…

Now I’ve got over the shock of starting, this will be updated semi-regularly I’ll aim for one post every fortnight (possibly more, possibly less)… Although in all honesty¬† I don’t know which direction this will take…

I do know a bit about myself if that’s of any interest?

I’m currently a research assistant with the NHS putting some of my many psychology degrees to good use, hopefully I will soon get funding for a phd in risk assessment and decision making. Fingers crossed. Um… not knowing where this blog is headed I’m not sure what else to say? I’m a Nintendo fan-boy, love cult films (OK and superhero films) and have fairly “catholic” (in the universal sense) taste in music…

Oh and the title of the blog is drawn from one of my more amusing minor indiscretions on the Badscience forums an abbreviated form of “F**k you and your electron microscope”.